Congratulations! You have your plans in place and are ready to put your plan into action. There’s just one problem. This preparedness “stuff” costs money!

 Here are a few helpful hints to remember:

Only purchase equipment you KNOW you will use. If you want to try new equipment, try to borrow one from a friend to see if you really do enjoy using it. ONLY store food that you know your family will eat. If your family hates pinto beans now, three months without electric heat and lights is NOT going to make them suddenly like pinto beans and rice!

Check yard sales, eBay, and thrift stores for possible great deals on used camping equipment. Look for sales, learn to coupon, barter and surf the net! Plan to rotate your food. Again, if you have stored food your family actually eats now, you can take advantage of bargains at the store. You will naturally consume and replace your pantry items. 

Step 3 – It’s time to make a budget. 

One of the worst steps you could take at this point would be to put your family in debt just to be prepared later. One of the best steps you could take is to put your family on a budget and stick to it! Make a budget for each category then be creative. Look for sales; learn to coupon, barter, etc.  

Assignments for Step 3:

[  ] If you don’t already have a family budget, create one now (Budget Worksheet). If you do have one, pull it out. It’s time to rework your finances. ​

[ ] How much do you have allotted for food, cleaning supplies? Have you considered making your own cleaning supplies? With a few basic ingredients, vinegar and baking soda, you can clean well, take up less storage space, and save money. 

Step 4 – Make your purchases! 

​Be sure to keep a record of how many of each item you have one hand. As you purchase more or consume pantry items, update your inventory lists.

Steps 3-4 Purchase


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